I have a life long interest in early cinema, and collect rare films and professional equipment from the silent era. 

I worked on Kevin Brownlow's 2000 restoration of Napoleon as his assistant editor, and was editor on the restoration The Cat and the Canary (1927). I also edited and co-directed several film history documentaries with him.

I have been lucky enough to uncover and preserve a few lost films, including a Harold Lloyd comedy, a film by Georges Melies' brother, and the earliest fragment of a Lon Chaney feature film.

I have put a few rarities from my collection on youtube:

The first film directed by Ivan Mosjoukine: 


A lost Fay Wray film: 


I have also edited and associate produced a complete programme of a night at the movies, 1917, for Fritzi Kramer's Movies Silently:


I have put on shows of original prints from my collection, projected on 100-year old hand cranked projectors, at the Flatpack Festival, and the Cinema Museum in London.



My latest project has been a reconstruction of the previously lost William S Hart film The Gunfighter (1917), which was shown at the Giornate del Cinema Muto in 2019:


Here's an article about how the film was reconstructed: