The Show Must Go On: The Queen + Adam Lambert Story   ABC / Sky Arts

Directed by Christopher Bird and Simon Lupton

90’ documentary about the band coming to terms with losing Freddie Mercury, and their long journey to finding a new lead singer.

It was extremely well done. This is a music documentary that will make one cry for joy. Deserves a standing ovation and it garners five out of five stars:  Digital Journal

Queen: Rock the World   BBC4   

Directed by Christopher Bird 

60’ documentary made almost entirely from unseen rushes from 1977 as Queen recorded and toured their album News of the World. 

Extraordinary. A fascinating historical record of how successful late Seventies rock was concocted, managed and performed – and highly valuable as a portrait of Mercury’s visionary talent: The Telegraph


Garbo   TCM   

Directed by Kevin Brownlow and Christopher Bird 

90’ documentary about the elusive movie star, showcasing the long unseen final screen test.


I’m King Kong   TCM   

Directed by Kevin Brownlow and Christopher Bird 

60’ documentary about explorer and filmmaker Merian C. Cooper, who fought in both world wars, made some of the first ever exploration documentaries, and feature films including King Kong.

So Funny it Hurt: Buster Keaton and MGM   TCM  

Directed by Kevin Brownlow and Christopher Bird 

40' documentary about Buster Keaton's troubled years with the big studio that broke him.